The Meaning of Life and You

The personal question of identity is part of the wider issues of the meaning of life. The Writer of Ecclesiastes, in the Old Testament, describes his determination to find answer to this question:

I used my wisdom to test all of this. I was determined to be wise, but it was beyond me. How can anyone discover what life means? It is too deep for us, too hard to understand. But I devoted myself to knowledge and study: I was determined to find wisdom and the answer to my question…

Leo Tolstoy, the famous Russian novelist (1828 – 1910) describes how he finds it impossible to escape from the question of meaning and purpose of life;

“What is life for? To die? To kill myself at once? No, I’m afraid. To wait for death till it comes? I fear that even more. Than I must live. But what for? In order to die? And I could not escape from that circle. I took up the book, read, and forgot myself for a moment, but then again, the same question and same horror. I lay down and closed my eyes. It was worse still.”

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One point to make is this there is a common confusion that arises from this question and should not be associated with the meaning of life.

Purpose and ideology that you want to follow in your own life is different from meaning of life two are not connected one is personal choices that you make second one is closely linked to the philosophy of religion and in the world we live today this self obsession is very much what everyone is talking about now days.

However this self-obsession only lids to the eventual disillusionment with life, as happiness and meaning is not found within. Even religion does not answer this question and does not provide that which totally satisfies the soul. It is personal relationship with God that makes the only sens.

It has to be combination of the two one: it has to be you and second: it has to be connected with that which is greater than us.

That timeless someone that sits outside the time and space which is not limited by that which he created. We all know that everything that exists has to have beginning and that all that exists uses up energy this is also commonly known as second low of thermodynamics.

In other words for something to start to exist you have to put in loads of energy which raises this most basis of questions where does this energy come from. This can only be explained with the phenomenon of God that the “one” has to be there who will starts everything this is the one who we call God.

And this is the beauty of it God does not want to limit you, he is not there to take away your pleasure or make you less of a person, which is a common accusation by those who have rebelled from their old existence i.e. usually people who were broth up in the Church and resent the fact that they have this burden that they carry within themselves that difficult question “what if this teaching about God it’s all true?”

Problem is that the message they have heard in their churches has always been about the condemnation and sin and very rarely about God’s love, about fulfilling your life not wasting precious time or gifts that you have.

In short if you are Christian the Meaning of Life is this: God created us for his glory and in his image that means two things.

He wants us to be perfect in the same way he is perfect, this can be deducted from the fact that humans are the crown of Gods creation.

Second as we are created in his image and he is the creator he want’s us to be creative and productive, and therefore any waste of life is seen by God as exactly that waste.

There is no limit to happiness or love or success or sense of achievement in John 10:10 Jesus tells us that he came for us to have a life and to have it in full, in other words he came not to take away but to give and to enrich, not to enslave but to free.

Last point to make is this, this is your own search and discovering which you must do on your own, there will be nobody holding your hand as you go trough this question which will be addressed to you by God and can only be answered by you. Therefore any peer pressure by those who want to sound profound and clever will only detract and not contribute to your “discovery of the meaning”.

Wise cracking, village idiots should limit their wisdom for pub quiz time and drinking session and this most important of questions should not be dismissed quickly, we don’t live in the world of films i.e. Billy Cristal comments in “city slickers” film that everyone has to discover their own meaning this will only lead to disappointments, as most of us do not achieve that which we dream of.

You and I only have one shot at this life, remember the disappointments you had to get accustomed to i.e. promises and hopes we had as children, as we know I’m not the president, you may not be the astronaut, someone else will discover that they are not the princess, that which they were reassuringly reminded of throughout their childhood by their father.

In other words, you need to combine the temporal i.e. our own personality and life with that which is eternal otherwise there is no meaning to life, except as someone depressingly appears to suggest lets eat drink and be merry as that is all that we have in life.

Only God can therefore answer this question satisfactorily, and help you live full and completely happy life.

God bless

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