A Woman Rides the Beast – Dave Hunt


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  1. Patrick says:

    Religions of man will always seek to displace God’s Word and commandments with erroneous traditions and false teachings. Those who do so, and those would have it so, desire somehow to achieve the ludicrous objective of getting God to bow to their own ideas of salvation and spirituality. Babel is a classic biblical, historical, example of this ignorant behavior. Since the Lord will not be manipulated by such human folly, the only result is the blinding of their own eyes and the confusion of their understanding – just like Babel. Roman Catholicism, Corrupted Judaism, many protestant denominations and various other faulty Christian and non Christian groups are victims and perpetrators of this religious wretchedness. Hence, the persecution of true believers who courageously stand up against these heinous deceptions.
    “A woman Rides the Beast” exposes Roman Catholic complicity in this babylonic behavior. May the Lord save the repentant and protect His faithful ones.

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