Atheist children’s summer camp launched in Somerset UK

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Atheist summer camp launched

An atheist summer camp for children is taking place in Somerset, to offer a “godless alternative” to religious camps.

The five-day camp in Somerset for children aged eight to 17 rivals traditional breaks run by the Scouts and church groups.

Camp Quest aims to encourage scepticism and critical thinking.

The BBC’s Robert Piggot went to see the camp. Richard Dawkins: Atheist summer camp launched in Somerset

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Sceptically Brainwashed

Today BBC has publicised yet again another Atheistic propaganda, is is then any wonder that few years back number of senior religious executives responsible for religious programs decided to step down? Funny how for the so called publicly funded company so much of the programing is going to the systematic debunking of the religious views in this country. Even more interesting is their call to sceptical thinking, today we look at any belief as something we should despise and mock rather than respect and attempt to understand their views.

Summer Camp for young future atheists

So the Atheistic summer camp was set up to teach children how to think, I guess this would be same “critical thinking” that their atheistic parents employ when reasoning though any of the ideas they may be muling over. Problem with this is that they do not accept that we all have ideas that have been colored  by the influences of those we care for and have some respect for their post experiences. In the same way their children will respond positively to their persuasive arguments that they should employ reason and science way above the religion. But hey is this not influencing your children, one can not help but do that with their offspring, I am reminded of Richard Dawkins comments that teaching child to be religious is same as Child abuse, funny how that is not reversed when atheism is being introduced to the 5 year old child. Spread of the camp activity is to go country wide, with many other copying the concept. I guess from now on atheists should shut up as they are “no better” than “Christian propagandists” and should accept that we all influence each other. Reason can only be recognised as non biased when one starts from the other side and changes his/her view. Guess what there are far more people who move from atheism to Christianity, and yes there are those who sometimes say yes but what about all of those who come from Christian families and then live the church. Let me quote Billy Graham at this point “If you stand in the garage that does not make you a car, neither does your going to church make you a follower of Christ. Jesus himself tels us a story of of the sower who places the seeds in different areas, hard ground, rocky ground, amongst prickly bushes and finally good ground.      

Religious propaganda

One of the most interesting things that I find is their fervor to spread atheism, yet they continue to accuse Christians of using their religious propaganda to brain wash poor unsuspected ignorant people. Yet these same “ignoramuses” should pay attention to what they say, they have the right answer to the meaning of life, I don’t think so, there is nothing more miserable and less appealing than someone telling me that this life is all that there is. Note that today there is no justice, we still see strong oppressing the week, we still find insurmountable unfairness in our work environment in our religious places and even in our governments. Note that only wealthy and capable (the elite) tend to go for the spotlight in the political life, who do you think is it that they represent, you and me? I don’t think so, when parliamentarian can make excessive claims for his expenses despite the fact that their earnings fall in top 1% of the population you know that something is not right. Now don’t misunderstand me here I don’t think that we as Christians should not get involved politically or that we should shy away from engaging with political issues, there are plenty of issues beside slavery to be tackled and Christians have both the right attitude and tools to deal with the problems at hand.

Religion does not deserve respect

Young woman who was interviewed (Camp director) for the BBC made comments that often religion is credited with more respect than what it deserves. How about reversing the statement by saying that excessive scepticism and scientisam that Atheists employ is ridiculously self reliant and self referential when trying to resolve complex queries and can therefore not be the only way forward. As far as I know all our western civilisations owe great deal of gratitude for the art, architecture, science, and philosophy of  those wonderfully gifted religious people of they passed years. We elevate modern man yet we can not help but wonder how “primitive man” managed to build pyramids, this just is not right, we ridicule their religious writings because “we know best”, should we be aware that the generation of tomorrow will lough at our short sighted and self obsessed ignorance.

5 day camp full of fun and brainwashing – Parents Atheists who want them to learn ethical behaviour

There is plenty of activity, and I guess they have finally worked out that the same principle that KKK use to recreate their members, with songs, barbeque’s and persuasive talks will yield success, after all this is how you get young child to agree with you that there is no God. Their appeal to free thinking is noting short of  mockery, as if you don’t agree with them you will be views as weird, ignorant full. If I tell you that you should think logically and be free but then I will use the fairytale creatures in order to mock someone else beliefs, children may not know the difference between fairy creatures and almighty God, neither does the mighty scientist like Richard Dawkins, they attempt to liken God to flaying spaghetti monster, but this does not full anyone, they are only deceiving themselves, as this does not compute like a reasonable answer but more like school bully who will do his best to oppress and ridicule any believer. One interesting question for the parents is this, our ethics like it or not have come down the generations to us through the years and have been passed to us here in UK by, yes you guessed it the church. So if they believe that we have evolved to be better, why is it then not bringing any improvements to the set standards first introduced by Christianity? I will tell you why, atheists can help but “borrow” from the Christian world, even their beloved reason, comes from the, yes you guessed it right the Bible. I am reminded of the lyrics of the song by the Bob Dylan who sang “You got to serve somebody, it may be the Lord or it may be the devil, but you gonna have to serve somebody”. Also note that today there are no young Christians running drugs, getting drunk, stubbing their neighbours simply because they objected to the rowdy behaviour, oh no that would be the children who ridicule faith in God.

Easter Camp planned for the future

One of the ideas is naturally to hold camps like this during the time of religious holidays (Easter and Christmas) after all, we live in the religious country, so lets make the most of it by insulting the religion of the country by saying there is no God during their own holidays. Does this sound like a war to you, and I would hope this is not dismissed as some deranged mattering, though you have every right to do that. Just use your own critical thinking and tell me why are the programs on TV following the same topic, the timings of the debates are always chosen so that they coincide with other events. (To achieve maximum effect) We live in the world that is advertising aware and knows of ways we exploit each other, I am all too aware that your choice to read this and my reasons behind writing this is also driven by the desire to share our views. However there are ways of doing this, giving children freedom is never been an issue with Christianity, guess what significant percentage (more than 50%) of children tend to live their churches by the time they are grown up. That in itself should be enough to persuade sceptics that critical thinking is promoted and manipulation of the congregation is a big “No,no”. We don’t brain wash our children, and yes I know that there are exceptions but this is not the rule that Christians choose to adopt as their creed.

Finding Unicorn – to teach them to think sceptically

Critical thinking is nothing to do with unicorns, and everything to do with understanding that one is being hoodwinked by the “teachers” of the camp, (more like blind leading the blind parable) when they attempt to divert your attention away from serious to the childish. It is OK for the far left liberals, who want to promote their arty, and lofty thinking but it is wrong for them to impose their ideas and values on their children, in the same way we in Christian churches tell our children that them becoming Christians must be their own decision, as I can not do that for my own children. God does not accept grandchildren he only has adopted children.

If they can disprove Unicorns existence they get prise – as they should not believe in old book passed to them to countless generations.

Finally and most ridicules part of this very entertaining escapade of the camp crusaders is that they want to show futility in attempting to disprove unicorns. I’m guessing that they want to tell their children that you can not disprove something you can not see. This is not what the Bible is teaching, on the contrary, it clearly states that you should “seek and you will find”. (Matthew 7:7) Yes God can be found and many can testify about this, in the same way I have experienced God when I was on the bus some 25 years ago. These are not some subjective experiences, they have power to free alcoholics and drags users from their chains that they could not loosen on their own. Sex addicts have been freed and many siners have been freed from the burden of sin, Jesus says “come to me all how are weary and I will give you rest”. When he died on the cross he said “it is finished” it’s been accomplished, all that needs to be done for you to find reconciliation with God the father all you have to say is “Yes, I want to accept the sacrifice of Jesus, and thank you Jesus that you took my place so I don’t have to perish”. Please note that your and my sacrifice would not be enough as we deserve all the punishment that we get, but in Christ you will receive all the good things you and I don’t deserve.

So I would continue to encourage people to use their own heads not be lead by anyone, Jesus does not want you to come to him because I told you to, he wants your friendship because he is loving and giving, God didn’t even spear his own son, for you. Question is what are you going to do about it? Will you enquire further or simply shrug your shoulders and dismiss it as fairytale. Note that this freedom is been granted to you, it is your choice if you are going to spend rest of your life with or against God.

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