The Trouble with Atheism

What is the problem with atheism or even Christianity at times? it’s fundamentalist intolerance that lacks willingness to listen and assess opposing views and fervent desire to humiliate and hurt each other. The “Reason” and “Logic” are often used by people who claim to have it as an excuse to destroy those who do not conform to their kind of reasoning. Faith is inevitable part of our humanity, we may be putting our faith in God or in science and atheism, but note that science does not deduce that God is not there, many philosophers of science would argue that it does not even touch upon this subject.

Rational reasoning is most certainly not present when emotional language is used to describe “incompetent” opposition. Many Christian scientist continue to make point clear that we look at the very same information from both sides of the argument but may come to the differing conclusions. This does not mean that truth is flexible and mold-able to the personal preferences of the examiner but that our approach to evaluating evidence is not consistent with philosophy of science. When we start inputting our ideas into science it becomes something else other than science, it becomes ideology.

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