Should you walk away from Christianity?

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Few months ago I read a blog that was started by an ex Christian who give number of reasons as to why he is not Christian today, I thought it relevant therefore to issue a challenge to  Christan’s webbloging community and request from the people to submit their answers, including  their insights and experience when dealing with former Christians. Rememberthat they will have a reasonable understanding about Christianity, so superficial answers will not suffice, honest and thoughtful answer will be better, and remember that no emotional blackmail has ever resulted in successful change of heart. So test yourself on your knowledge of apologetics, feel free to submit your comments, please if at all possible try using scripture to back up your answers;

It has not been very hard for me to think of a number of reasons why anyone should walk away from Christianity but here are some for anyone who may be looking for reasons  as to why they should just accept that Modern Christianity is down right wrong.

  1. I don’t like Church and the rules that it stands for: I don’t want some “higher power” within church telling me how to live my life, especially when there are so many things that are wrong with the leadership of churches in so many denominations. Just look at the many issues that the Catholic Church is facing, being sued by so many re child abuse cases etc.
  2. I don’t like Christians: as they think they are better than other people, and they are so judgmental towards others, like homosexuals, or people who value their sexual freedom, or pro abortion people and people who don’t adopt their high standards.
  3. Science destroys Religion: Evolution and Science have made Christianity completely obsolete and irrelevant and should as such serve to guide people away from God and towards humanism and atheism.
  4. Life is not fair: How can a good God allow all this suffering to exist? This is evidence that either he does not care or he is not there. I was hurt so badly in my life, therefore I think I’m justified in refusing to believe in God especially when you look at all the bad things that happened in the Christian Bible.
  5. The Bible is old and out-of-date and irrelevant for today, plus it’s big time wrong: There are so many wrong things in the Bible, Christianity has copied other religions, and Dan Brown has showed us how bad the Christians are in his filmDa Vinci Code. We also learn from people like Richard Dawkins, Chris Hutchins, and Sam Harris about all the things we should distrust about the evils of religion.

On the Problem of suffering: After losing two very good friends through suicide, losing a child to genetic disorder, losing a father to cancer at the age of only 39 (I was only 3 years old at the time of his death) losing my friend in a civil war, one has to start asking some serious questions.

I have been told stories by a very good friend who has witnessed murder and immense human suffering and encountering unrepentant criminals who have profiteered from human addictions, desires and basic needs. What can I say, except that we have good reasons to raise this question like I did “Where is God when we needed him most?”

“Why did he allow this car accident to happen to me?” “Why did my father die when I was only 3 year old?” “Why did he allow pain to strike people, the very people for whom I care for, why did some of them get sexually abused?” “Why did my friend pull the pin, from the hand grenade to blow his own brains out?” “Why is there disease that plagues and will likely kill people that I care for?”

Tell me then if I am right to ask today’s nominal Christians this simple question, where is your God?  I want to be free to do what I want, so why is it then that your Bible is telling me how to live my life? Can I trust the Bible, and if not what can I trust? What is the meaning of life or do we simply exist without meaning?

This post is aimed at challenging Christians to think about the possible answers to these common questions, If no forthcoming answers are posted, I may attempt to answer them myself in the near future.

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