How Unbelief and Apathy Destroys a Soceity

Great man Francis Schaeffer brilliantly explains what it meant for the first Century citizen of Roman Empire to commit to change of ideology by becoming Christian. Pressures coming from cultural influence and local customs seam to be of the same intensity today as they have been 200o years ago. It is good therefore to reflect back and learn from the past lessons, very useful saying that is often missed “we should learn from history and if we don’t we are bound to repeat same mistakes that our ancestors did”.  Church history is often overlooked at our own peril, if I’m correct it was Dostoevsky who said “full can only learn from their own example, the wise man learns from the examples of others”. We should consider this before jumping to the latest craze that may be happening in our churches. One/any heresy today that if studied carefully through the eyes of our predecessor can often be found in some forgotten corner of our church history where apologists of the time may have provided great rebuttal with Biblical support and spiritual insight.

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