Can Atheism Be The Religion?

Often word atheism is taken to mean lack of belief, but really one has to be reminded that even that demonstrates actions of belief, you have to believe that there is nothing. You have to make conscious decision that you will not believe, often despite the fact that there are people who will be prepared to share their personal experience of God working in their lives they will continue to ignored this evidence. There is no amounts of witnesses or evidence that will change their mind. This can only be explained by the fact that this “closed mind” set comes beyond the physical world.

I have often argued that for atheist to expand his/her understanding needs to be deepening first, acknowledging that sin can indeed blind our mind. This is often overlooked as atheists refuse to believe in the spiritual world. This becomes “catch 22” that only God can break. This is why whenever we attempt to do any work of evangelising we need to be reminded of two things.

1. Ask God for his guidance and help in both what to say and who to approach as only God knows who is ready to hear the good news.

2. Don’t put your trust in your own understanding, it is Holy Spirit who does the converting we are only sent to share the good news.

Both of these will remove any pressure from you, and bring you joy that you have become partner with Christ, working in his business doing his will and under his instructions.

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