A Man-Made God is a Poor Foundation.

We all know that if there is no God, or our resistance to even consider such being would lead inevitably to his replacement with the man. Today more than at any other time, we worship celebrities, our sport hero’s and our enthusiasm for gossip magazines and insatiable appetite to copy and if at all possible become celebrities is robbing us from understanding what life is meant to be.

It is good for us to stop and think, take in all that greenery, look at the blue sky, we often hear about how all the best things in life are free, yet we fail to make best use of them. When was it last that you mentioned to someone what excites you? Why do we give up on our first dreams, is it because they are so cruelly crashed or because we have lost our faith in what we use to believe.

To understand what truly stands between us and happiness one may have to ask himself first what makes me happy. So before you go any further, look back on your broken dreams and take them before God, let him know what the problem is and then let him do his work in you, often this will not mean that you will recover your unfulfilled dreams but it will frequently result in your healing.

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4 Responses to A Man-Made God is a Poor Foundation.

  1. dudethatscrazy says:

    Our first dreams are not usually ones of heart. I think after we learn to lean on God our true dreams come to form. Thanks for this.

  2. dudethatscrazy

    That is a very good point, thanks for your comment.

    Kind regards

    Defend the word

  3. allshrink says:

    where do you find god….no one ever told me….so i never could go get him….
    sometimes when i try to decide whats right or wrong;and then i feel god around me …
    ive come 2 believe god is within us and nowhere else..hes the truth we outhgt to know .
    finding god is not only letting him do his work on you…one has to have faith and act accordingly. Hoping for the miracle to happen will only get you wondering about the mystical way this world runs on. Only if can puts your thoughts concentrated, have belief and act accordinly ;you find god.
    Asking god for healing or begging for forgiveness is actually getting yourself father away from who you are. And the god is just within yourself.

  4. allshrink says:

    what are our true dreams…were those the ones when we were a innocent child..i dont know? realizing our true dreams is a process of getting the right figured out. Lean on yourself and respect time ,god will come for your defence, you dont need to ask him to come to you.

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