Question – with all that Jesus said and did, why is it that even those who were closest to him did not understand him?

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That is a very good question; we certainly find that for Example Judas Iscariot who was his personal disciple even betrayed Jesus with the kiss. Peter continued to behave like a bull in the china shop, until the time when the Holy Spirit was sent to us.

At the end of Christ’s ministry all of his disciples run away when Jesus was being arrested, this was due to several reasons. Today we understand much more than they could, as they did not have books and commentaries, and neither could they see the end product. Once Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead, a.) They understood about his plan to redeem humankind and they could recall what Jesus was telling them when he was with them. b.) Their faith in him was solidified, now they knew that he has attained victory over death, now they were happy to die for him.

Death was now accepted as part of the necessity for the first century Christian; there is a saying that “the fields of the gospel were watered with the blood of the saints”. Christians now knew that he is able to raise them from the dead on the day of his second coming. And even if you don’t believe in him, this is the only reasonable explanation we can give for their readiness to die for him.

1. Initially they were frightened for their lives, which was understandable. Anyone normal would react in the same way, it is OK for one to be brave if he could go out and fight and then die for his/her cause. But once this option was removed by Jesus they were stamped and had nothing to go by. At least this was a big unknown to them, using love to defeat evil? Who ever heard of such nonsense, sacrifice human (life of Jesus) life for the sins of many?

2. Jesus often expounded Old Testament teaching with the new light. This was very confusing, when Jesus said things like “you have been told that it’s OK to get the divorce, (Moses did this due to your hardened hearts) he then continues to say that it is a sin for man to divorce his wife unless it is due to the break up in the marital fidelity. He goes on to say things like “we should love our enemies” or his teaching would often make good use of the parables, like “we should be light” or we should be “salt to the earth” both meaning that this world will look up to Christians (His followers) for good taste and solid direction.

3. Jesus was different to anything else ever seen before, according to his followers he is recognised as God. This is very difficult to accept as it does not fit the norms that we are use to today and this was also the case for the people in the  first century.

4. Frequently Jesus knew what others were thinking and would confront them, he would usually start with words like “why do you think evil in your hearts”, followed by questions or another parable. All this was done in order to drive the point home.

5. Jesus was never interested in becoming purely just object of our worship, but was interested in our salvation and developing real relationship with us. (Note however that this does include also his worship, otherwise we would call him something else other than God) Kind of relationship that existed between Adam and God at the very beginning, before our fall.

In the parable of the sower Jesus also talks about how seed that is being scattered on the fields by the farmer may sometimes fall in the bushes, other times on the rocky ground and some times even on the good fertile ground. Jesus then expands on this explanation that seeds are the word of God, ground is our heart and in another place in the Bible we read that God wants to take our hearts of stone and Give us a fleshy heart. Stone and bush are explained as people who are preoccupied with other things in life, missing on the most important thing. Their relationship with God, he is interested in us, this is why he revealed himself to us, “the ball is in our side of the court now” as they say.

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