Statistical Probability of Evolution challenged

Here is an example that proves that Christian “Fundamentalists” are not the only “fanatics” who question the theory of Evolution. It is shameful that in US if you dare to question this theory you will be forced out of the academic world. And if you happen to be post graduate student, you will need to keep quite otherwise the elite will come after you. No wonder we live in the world that is afraid to voice their opinion, we are not allowed anymore to even ask questions that will point to the inconsistencies in the theory. If this is such a great theory should it not be able to withstand any criticism? After all, is this not what happens to Christianity whenever anyone starts preaching the Gospel?

All theories should be judged on their merits, all should be examined and all should be free for examiner to make his/her own mind up on their reliability. When this is not allowed to happen we call this dictatorship. And if this is indeed the case then we need to question, why this is happening, who is behind that conspiracy, and what are the benefits to those who push this one-sided view that does not have full scientific support.

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