Tim Keller – What is the New Atheist message?

Much has been talked about recent debates, whether it be citing those who are completely ignorant of the subject but like to have their say, or those who only respond positively to aggressive assertions that the other side is stupid. We live in the world where more needs to be done to try and understand where the other side is coming from. Why do we fear the opposition if we are firm in our views?

There are many good ways that Christian can use to point to the inconsistencies and misrepresentations in the argument, whilst still using civilised and logical approach rather than dismissively aggravate the situation needlessly. out faith is based on a reason, but faith also demands understanding, who Jesus is, why did he come to earth, and how can I know him.

If we are to be light to the world, then we need to be the right kind of light one that point to Christ not to ourselves. We can sometimes be preoccupied with things that are really peripheral and sometimes what God want’s us to do is look at the big picture.


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    i’m live and let live
    but your great, bright gravatar
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    Fun photo. Thank You!

    May All Beings Be Happy.

  2. scaryreasoner says:

    I meant, of course, you’re wrong, not “your wrong.” 🙂

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