Free Audio MP3 Bible (New Testament) NKJV and NIV

And now there aFaith comes by hearingre loads of free New Testaments in MP3 format that you can download for free. Today there are realy no excuses, if you are calling yourself a Christian you should find ways to read, listen or study Gods word. I have listed two free Bible software today (see other posts) and now free MP3 Bible, there are number of Bible translations, and for those who are not English there are number of other foreign translations also available for free.

Please make good use of this resource and let the others know, this tresure is free.

to download go here;

Kind regards

Defend the Word


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11 Responses to Free Audio MP3 Bible (New Testament) NKJV and NIV

  1. David says:

    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to listen to the Word of God on mp3 player

  2. I’m just glad that others can get blessed with God’s word.

    Kind regards

    Defend the Word


    Thanks for such an opportuninty

  4. esther says:

    This really aids meditation

  5. storm says:

    i agree with you but what you don’t know is that these sites that you can down load the bible for free are blocked in some countries. im in vietnam and i cant download a single mp3 bible looking for nkjv or niv with individual chapters up untill 5 years ago the bible was illegal here.

  6. Second best thing is to go to these web pages where you will find free bibles to read on the Internet and commentaries can be accessed too.

    Also you could download this to your computer and I highly recommend this Bible translation also includes significant number of translation notes.

    And you may want to try this check if this page is not blocked.

    Wishing you all God’s blessings and his peace in Christ Jesus
    Defend the Word

  7. SUN TEMIATSE says:

    Thanks for spreading Gods word

  8. Natalee says:

    hello there i am a God fearing women who is doing research on God the end of times and the signs and this comment means alot to me may u contact me at

  9. MERLIN PRINCE.C says:

    happy to download ,

  10. Pls contact this line -from church of God 0247946346

  11. Hi Roger

    If you would like to contact me directly you could e-mail me at

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