Who is Jesus Christ by Dwight Pentecost

Look at the Historical Jesus and his message, God’s desire to save the sinners finally culminated in the act of salvation through the sacrificial death of Christ. But his teaching and his love form part of what we copy and endeavor to attain one day. Our faith in him is evident only when we become focused on him, when we wonder of, when we seek others and the approval of the world we forsake his calling to us.


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  1. Anon says:

    Commenting on your beliefs/faith is your business. But pretending to comment on historical aspects is deceptive and false until you deal with the historical documentation found, for example, in the History Museum pages at netzarim.co

  2. Thanks for your comment; however I could make same comments about your blog. Would that not be just as legitimate, if we are just to make statements without any supporting evidence provided to tear them down or confirm them?

    By the way any new information that may have been found should also have been examined independently; I think as a logical person you should have considered that. Did you check what other scholars wrote about it and what did the opposition say about such new finds.

    Or are these documents hidden? can they be verified? there are many cults that make same claims. Then you need to look at things like: What are their starting points and beliefs of the people who left us this newly discovered documentation? Were they considered sect, did they have all necessary historical back up to their claims?

    Ans so on…


    Defend the word

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