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Yet another free Bible software – Online Bible

Today, there is absolutely no excuse for Christians to be ignorant or lack understanding on what the Bible is teaching. If one is to be called a follower of Christ he/she should obey his Bible onlinecommands. Jesus wanted us to be aware and prepared ourselves, when any Christian becomes complacent, he is as good as dead in his faith. Faith and reason, explored through logic with the Help of the Holy Spirit is what is required. We live in the world that increasingly places far greater emphasis on our ability to argue our case than the times past when Christianity had a really easy ride. Those times are gone, unless we wake up and smell the coffee, we must shape up with intellectual muscle flexing, otherwise we will stay intellectual dwarfs in our faith, if we are to grow we need to be reminded that in 1 Cor 1 Paul is reminding us that we could not grow as we are still being fed “spiritual milk”.

There are so many people, that feel that wishy washy is OK and is good enough. Note that this not only brings embarrassment upon the Church, but will shame anyone who is genuinely seeking, but will recognise serious limitations of simple sayings like “Jesus Loves you”. Whilst these are fundamental truths of the Bible, we must dig deeper, we must be open to the criticism and understand that part of our calling is to be the light. If you are going to be the light then you have to get all the necessary answers and understanding. Otherwise we are in dead like that parable Jesus said “blind leading the blind”.

Please go to this web page, there are millions who have already downloaded this free software, it has plenty of Greek and Hebrew resources, numerous commentaries and dictionaries with at least one concordance which is included for free. There are also books and maps, these will all be very beneficial to anyone seeking to understand why Christians still hold on to their faith.

Let your faith be deeper, by allowing yourself to understand the questions and reservations that many atheist will have, you will have your faith challenged. This is not bad thing, once you find the answer this will serve to build you up, this equipping will help remove any questions that may serve as an obstacles that you are confronted with on a regular basis when you chat to your friends about your faith. Now you have tools that you could use. Long time ago I use to say (I still do this today) I don’t have an answer to your question, but if you allow me some times I will try and find the answer for you, if you are still interested.This is incredible resources that will serve you for a very long time.

I have recommended this software to all the house group leaders that I liaise with, it is beneficial to all who sincerely are interested in seeking after the truth.

For original Software go Here:

Rest will be self explanatory as it shows loads of nice pictures with the instructions on what you are getting there.

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