Charles Darwin – Galapagos Finches


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3 Responses to Charles Darwin – Galapagos Finches

  1. harry says:

    “Creationists such as Jonathan Wells claim that my criticism of these experiments casts strong doubt on Darwinism. But this characterization is false. … My call for additional research on the moths has been wrongly characterized by creationists as revealing some fatal flaw in the theory of evolution. … It is a classic creationist tactic (as exemplified in Wells’s book, “Icons of Evolution”) to assert that healthy scientific debate is really a sign that evolutionists are either committing fraud or buttressing a crumbling theory.” — Jerry Coyne, letter to the editor, Pratt Tribune.

    Is jonathan Wells a man you really want to be citing in debate?

    An AIDS denier? A man who willfully mis-represents others opinions?

  2. Hi Harry

    Its not important who is saying it what is important is what is being said.


    Defend the word

  3. harry says:

    True, but then the reader should ensure they take additional time to check the validy of the statements.

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