Who Chose the Books of the New Testament?


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3 Responses to Who Chose the Books of the New Testament?

  1. udtlearner says:

    Man,that is a given!Yehoshua….He is the Author….

  2. ektachrome says:

    Gee – I don’t know how to break it to you guys, but the DaVinci Code was a NOVEL

    a NOVEL !

    That means it was FICTION !!

    Why would I be upset by a FICTIONAL novel !!!


    All you and all of these Televangelists want to do is ride the coat-tails of a popular writer.

  3. Can you see how logically incorrect and distorted your comment is? It is not Christians who ride the happy train of Dan Brown, his books would not be sold in millions if he choose some less controversial topic. People like that choose specifically Christianity and I bet your blog targets Christianity as you find your self worth is increased as you hope that someone will listen to you and agree with you. However I only see emotionally driven arguments that lack logical substance.

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