The Roots of the Emergent Church and “Relevance”

Do you think the emergent church has some hip, cool, new way of thinking? The mentality of “Well, we need to change Christianity…” and “The Bible doesn’t need to be the center of everything…” has been around much longer than these “cool, new, hip guru’s” would like for you to believe. The root of the problem is called “humanism”, and this short video by Francis Schaeffer exposes this way of thinking for the departure from Christian faith that it really is. Notice the similarities between this culture of 1,000 years ago and the culture of today…

The Bible shows God’s love, not someone’s opinion about it.

This is a clip from Francis Schaeffer’s How Should We Then Live series.


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One Response to The Roots of the Emergent Church and “Relevance”

  1. al adrian says:

    How Ironic! Aquinas, a monk, sets the conditions that renew the importance of individual good works, good thought and action…..reminds me of a important doctrine found in Zorastrianism which forbids monasticism. What is absolute in this world? The speed of light, the mass/charge of an electron or proton or some other sub-atomic particle or some other constant fixed during the BB. Clearly, our morals are not absolute as are mating systems vary somewhat from culture to culture. Let us each find our own meaning for life. Would some of you really like to return to primitive ascetic existence eating gruel and sipping acidified wine while you get indoctrinated daily by some patriarchial power hungry despot. Better relativism than absolute tyranny. All I can say is thank God some of you woke up and decided that we live in the United States of American and not the United States of Jesus. Got reality?

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