False Teachings on Faith by Dave Hunt

We each shrink from pointing the corrective finger at anyone, yet each of us is responsible to check out today’s teachers against the Bible, just as the Bereans did with Paul. Critics often demand, “By what authority do you question the teaching of Christian leaders?” My standard response is, “I’m just a Berean, and so are you, so test what I teach by Scripture also.”

The failure of Christians to know the Bible, to think for themselves and to do their Berean duty allows church leaders to continue to lead millions astray. That is no light matter and should concern us all enough to do something about it. No one can excuse himself for going along with false doctrine and practices or for remaining silent when others are being misled!

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Hunt, Dave
January 1, 1987

Several people have forwarded to me copies of a Kenneth Copeland letter that is a blatant example of what every Christian ought to reject and reprove. Enclosing a photo of himself standing in front of his “prayer cabin” in the Ozarks, Copeland writes, “There will be moments during those three days and nights [at the cabin] when the anointing on me will be greater than any need you have.” Setting himself up as a channel of “the miracle power of God flowing through me,” he instructed recipients of the letter to do three “very important” things to get their “miracle”:

  1. As you visualize yourself there with me, remember there is no time nor distance in the realm of the spirit.
  2. Fill in and return to me the ‘Covenant of Agreement’ prayer form. I want it right beside me so that every time those special moments of anointing come I can touch you by touching our Covenant Agreement.
  3. The very moment your letter leaves your hand to be mailed back to me say with your mouth (out loud)“Lord Jesus, my miracle has started! It’s working for me now!”

This three-part ritual was presented as the technique that would assure “you will have what we say.” It is sad enough that naive Christians are being led into attempting to manipulate God through white magic, but they are also being relieved of their money and enticed into covetousness by the unbiblical promise that “planting money” guarantees a harvest of money in return. There is one guaranteed winner: the person enticing you with the seed-faith promise, in this case Kenneth Copeland.

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