Liberalism and the Emergent Church by Francis Schaeffer

Fantastic message, he was conservative in his faith and Liberal in his love for people, Francis Schaeffer died in 1984. Even before then, though, he could see things creeping into the church that had no business being there. His suggestion? He suggests to make sure there is a line drawn in the sand; to make sure there is a differentiation between those who hold to a full view of Scripture and those who do not and for those that do to not associate with those that don’t without preaching repentance from their unbelief. I agree with the late Dr. Schaeffer.

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2 Responses to Liberalism and the Emergent Church by Francis Schaeffer

  1. ransom33 says:

    I agree too and we can certainly see today all those things he spoke of then, have come and continue to come to pass.

    Thank you for sharing this message. I had not heard of this man until today.



  2. Thanks ransom 33.

    Yes was a wonderful man of God, with great understanding, it is shame that we have ignored his work for such a long time. I completely recommend his books. I have just finished reading “Escape from Reason” and “How should we then live” they are only small books, please look them up they are worth every penny.

    In Christ Jesus

    Defend the word

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