Do scientists always tell the truth?

I have mentioned this before, not so much that there are many disagreements between different scientists but that we have carefully staged and controlled scientific data that is shared according to what is acceptable by those who vet all the material of “interest”. These gatekeepers are supposedly safeguarding science and us from becoming to confused with too much data. Yet one has to be reminded again and again that scientist are after all humans, and that we should not live under the illusion that they are immune to professional jealousy deliberate and often malicious attempts to sabotage other peoples work.

Journal stem cell work ‘blocked’

By Pallab Ghosh
Science correspondent, BBC News


Billions of pounds of public money is spent on stem cell research

Stem cell experts say they believe a small group of scientists is effectively vetoing high quality science from publication in journals.

In some cases they say it might be done to deliberately stifle research that is in competition with their own.

It has also emerged that 14 leading stem cell researchers have written an open letter to journal editors in order to highlight their dissatisfaction.

Billions of pounds of public money is spent on funding stem cell research.

The open letter to the major scientific journals claims that “papers that are scientifically flawed or comprise only modest technical increments often attract undue profile. At the same time publication of truly original findings may be delayed or rejected”.

Two internationally-renowned researchers have spoken to BBC News about their concerns.

They are Robin Lovell-Badge, who is speaking in a personal capacity, and Austin Smith, from the University of Cambridge.

Professor Lovell-Badge said: “It’s turning things into a clique where only papers that satisfy this select group of a few reviewers who think of themselves as very important people in the field is published.

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Other similar stories

Professor Annmarie Surprenant forced to resign over marking fraud

A university professor, who claimed she was the victim of a smear campaign for being outspoken, has been forced to resign from her post after she forged the signatures of junior colleagues on students’ examination papers.

Last Updated: Friday, 23 December 2005, 08:29 GMT BBC News

S Korea cloning research was fake

Hwang Woo-suk

Dr Hwang has been hailed as a hero in South Korea

Research by South Korea’s top human cloning scientist – hailed as a breakthrough earlier this year – was fabricated, colleagues have concluded.

A Seoul National University panel said the research by world-renowned Hwang Woo-suk was “intentionally fabricated”, and he would be disciplined.

Dr Hwang said he would resign, but he did not admit his research was faked.

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One in seven scientists say colleagues fake data

Faking scientific data and failing to report commercial conflicts of interest are far more prevalent than previously thought, a study suggests.

One in seven scientists says that they are aware of colleagues having seriously breached acceptable conduct by inventing results. And around 46 per cent say that they have observed fellow scientists engage in “questionable practices”, such as presenting data selectively or changing the conclusions of a study in response to pressure from a funding source.

However, when scientists were asked about their own behaviour only 2 per cent admitted to having faked results.

Daniele Fanelli, of the University of Edinburgh, who carried out the investigation, believes that high-profile cases such as that of Hwang Woo-Suk, the South Korean scientist disgraced for fabricating human stem cell data, are less unusual than is generally assumed. “Increasing evidence suggests that known frauds are just the tip of the iceberg and that many cases are never discovered,” he said.

Scientist admits IPCC used fake data to pressure policy makers

Watts Up With That?
Sunday, January 24th, 2010

The IPCC is now damaged goods. Pachauri is toast, and nobody will be able to cite the IPCC AR4 again without this being brought up.

The Daily Mail’s David Rose in the UK broke this story, it is mind boggling fraud to prod “government action” and grants. Emphasis in red mine.

Scientist Said to Fake Cancer Data; Researcher Who Linked Disease to Power Lines Quits Lab

The Washington Post | July 24, 1999

A scientist whose 1992 study linking high-voltage power lines to cancer contributed to public fears was found to have faked his data and has left the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the government said today.

Richard P. Liburdy had claimed to have found a link between the electromagnetic fields around power lines and certain cellular changes in the body.

After a whistle-blower complained, the federal Office of Research Integrity investigated and concluded that Liburdy had committed scientific misconduct by tossing out data that did not support his conclusions, said the…

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