What is Apologetics? – Frank Turek

Here are few good reasons why serious Christians should always be ready to give the answer. intellect and faith are not separated they coexist in harmony once we understand the importance of bridging reason with faith we will change our attitude to it. Our understanding of the world around us has always involved some elements of faith, it’s just that we are not often aware that most things will demand some form of faith in our reasoning argumentation. Fact that you will use arguments that are well established, or use the data that was introduced by someone else all point to the fact that you will put your faith in someone else who did their home work for you.

You will not always check everything as that is simply impossible, we accept “big Bang” theory not because we understand it but because its well established and tested by many well-trained people. This does not mean we will neglect using our own brains as some discernment, discrimination against right and wrong will always be required so we must learn to understand how to build our arguments and how to take apart counter argument if we are to live happily with ourselves.

Faith does not mean we belive in things despite the lack of evidence, faith means that with some stong supporting evidence we learn to trust God that the rest of the story which we may not understand can be taken as true we can trust God to his faithful and logical exposition of himself, through his word.

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