In Search of the Historical Jesus

Can we trust the Bible to give us the uncorrupted version of who Jesus was. Today much is being said about who Jesus was and how Bible “distorted ” the original story in order to further its ideology. Here is the interesting video that deals with this problem of authenticity and the “quest for the historical Jesus”. It is because of rationalistic philosophical developement were introduced and when mixed with local to Israel nation mythological stories they have developed completely new one could rightly claim invented Jesus of the 21st Century.

Many believe that they have the right view i.e. when the Bible is stripping down of all the “fantasies” recorded in the New Testament true Jesus appears, however often we see that this idea is driven by the preconceived philosophical approach rather than true textual criticism, historical reasearch and being open to the possibility that the Bible actually may be correctly recording the life of Jesus.

I hope you go through the entire video in order to be able to evaluate the validity of Craig Blomberg’s statements.

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  1. NotAScientist says:

    It doesn’t particularly matter how ‘accurate’ the text is. The fact remains that text is just not good enough evidence to confirm the existence of supernatural events.

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