2 Corinthians 5:14–6:2 Temporal and Eternal / Old and New

2 Corinthians 5:14–6:2  Temporal and Eternal / Old and New

1.       Who here would not like a new beginning / 2nd chance

2.       Older person may wish “If I could go back and start over?”

a.       Bad choices / unpleasant experiences / causing hurt and regret

b.       If I could take my words back / make different choices

c.       Time travel is impossible / God offers new beginning

Illustration : Broken legs need to be healed and mended! This takes time.

JOKE: A new hair salon opened up for business right across the street from the old established hair cutters place. They put up a big bold sigh which read:

WE GIVE $7 HAIRCUTS!?  /  Not to be outdone, the old Master Barber put up his own sign: WE FIX $7 HAIRCUTS!

One area of your life can have a new beginning today: Your spiritual life can have a FRESH NEW START!


 Paul using Greco-Roman ideas (“inner man/outer man,” “reconciliation,” “ambassadorial service”) communicates gospel in its new context.

 14. Love of Christ controls our lives, this is what we believe. One died for all therefore all died

  • Paul found self-pleasing life impossible!
  • Because of the example of Jesus in dying for all.

* My faith dos not save me; it only allows the salvation to be passed on to me by the promised anointed Messiah Jesus who is the salvation of me.*

Christ cared for all when He suffered death / share in His passion,

  • Don’t find pleasure in yourself
  • Don’t look for external advantages
  • Do show proper fruit of His life and death in you
  • Do Die to your sin / Old self-indulgence
  • Do live unto New righteousness / look to a New spiritual reality

15. This is why he died for all so that you don’t live for yourself but for Jesus who died and rose for you

Ver. 15. The objective of the atoning death of Jesus was a holy Church, fully sanctified / made holy for God’s service.

  • A real Christian desires to be freed from self-seeking
  • New life means new orientation focusing on God (New reality)

Paul:  “Dying” with Christ should lead, to “living for Christ”

Paul does not include everyone when it says “those who live” united with the resurrected Christ.

  • While Jesus died for all (he offered his sacrifice to all)
  • Not all were raised when he rose from the death. (Conditional promise)

Those who rose with Christ should walk “in newness of life” / supernatural / spiritual

Slavery to sin and self has ended / devotion to Christ and his church has started.

The outcome of Christian self-denial is a Christ-centered life filled with God and concern for others.

16. Now we don’t judge according to the outwardly appearances even though this is how we first learn about Jesus by these means, however now we understand him deeper and look at him differently.

Ver. 16. Knowing Christ personally, when Holy Spirit is in us,

We will never

  • Judge according to the outward appearance,
  • Follow opinions of the majority
  • Continue with the prejudices of our own hearts.

A personal knowledge of Christ dying and rising again for us will cause us to

  • Ignore “confidence in everything else”,
  • Make us glory only in His cross
  • We shall not forget that he saved us not by our merits.

New person on the inside, joining in Christ’s resurrection, means more than the decaying outer person observable to human eyes through aging process.

Judaism applied the language of “new creation” in various ways.

  • later rabbinic texts one who made a proselyte was considered as if he or she had created the proselyte;
  • New Year was also given some significance as a new beginning, because sins were shortly thereafter absolved on the Day of Atonement.
  • In Dead Sea Scrolls, “new creation” language applies to the world to come.
  • For Paul, Messiah Jesus has come means / believers have already begun to participate in the resurrection life of the coming world.

17. This is why if you are in Jesus the premised Messiah you are a New Man Ignore the old staff now new things in you have started

Ver. 17. Christ has founded new world / Focus on the New World

Church should now focus on new principles! allow spirit of Christ to takes possession of our heart,

  • We must become a new creature,
  • Our mind and heart must be changed  Everything we do is renewed

We may struggle in the flesh but if we really know Christ by faith

  • We are new creatures, / Holy Spirit will keep alive our faith,
  • The Apostle’s “Witness,” refers to every Christian, regardless of quality.
  • Fight may carry on within us, But we are dead to sin by repentance / old guilt and old power of sin is gone

18. This new beginning is from God this is his reconciliation to father before we were his enemies I have this ministry of reconciliation given to me by God (Paul says)

Ver. 18. If God the father is the original author of salvation, / Christ executed it.

Everything in our salvation begins with God  he is the source of everything good.

  • In Christ / Messiah God came down to man.
  • Jesus offers great salvation / rejecting it brings great guilt.
  • The ministerial office, shares mediatory work of Christ / through Christ alone.
  • This must be the salt of every sermon.

Reconciliation is not the same as salvation. Reconciliation goes a step further.

  • It is more than having our sins forgiven and divine justice being satisfied.
  • Reconciliation involves changed relationship God is not angry with you.
  • If heading for divorce then you reconcile you stay together New Start.”

Ver. 18.“The ministry of reconciliation.” Bible describes a peacemaker.

The Christian ministry presumes the need of reconciliation.

  • There is a moral Ruler and a moral law, righteous and authoritative.
  • Against this Ruler men have rebelled, broken the law, and caused conflict.
  • Divine anger incurred, Divine penalties death, just judgment.

19. This is how it goes God the Father used Jesus the Messiah to reconcile us (pay the price) through him so that we could be free to come before God (As God does not tolerate sin)  He has revealed and given us this new world (Reality that is deeper than what we already know)

Ver. 19. Christ’s death act of reconciliation, His own act. Self-will / your self will

–         God provided Lamb / blameless / guilty need saving can’t save others

–         On the Messiah He has laid the iniquities of us all, (You and me)

–         We can be reconciled to father if we accept his sacrifice; (Conditional)

–         This is the new world / new revelation / new beginning

  • His messengers preach forgiveness in His name to all who repent / believe.
  • Anyone still burdened? Refusal of Christ his reconciliation.
  • Understand mans need / demonstrate God’s heart / new beginning.

20. This is why We are ambassadors for Messiah Jesus God is using us to appeal to you, this is our message to you Be reconciled to God the father (Accept Jesus the promised messiah / anointed one)

The ways in which God effects the reconcilement.

1. God reconciles by removing the hindrances. (Offered his life for us)

2. God reconciles by persuading the offenders. (Works on our character)

Ambassador is a minister of the highest rank accredited to a foreign government or sovereign as the official representative of his own government or sovereign.

  • “Now then we are ambassadors for Christ.” We are in a foreign land—Paul says that we are pilgrims and strangers down here.
  • Envoys – usually sent to others as a sign of friendship and good will, to establish a relationship, to renew friendly relations, or to make an alliance.
  • God’s purpose in sending Christ and his envoys has the same end—to put an end to hostilities and to bring about reconciliation.
  • Christ chose not to come in person to each individual you may be the only Christ this world may know.

An ambassador owes his importance, not to himself, but to the power he represents, He is a messenger only!!!

The spirit which works through the ambassadors is not aggressive but soft.

  • Their words are words of pleading love:
  • Whoever wants to preach the Gospel, must present Christ as an atoning Savior
  • Must himself know what it is to be reconciled to God.
  • Be of same mind as Christ

The 95% Estimate   It has been estimated that probably 95% of all church members have never led anyone to Christ.

Various Prayers For Souls

George Whitefield, the famous English evangelist, said, “O Lord, give me souls, or take my soul!”

Dwight L. Moody: “Use me then, my Savior, for whatever purpose and in whatever way you may require. Here is my poor heart an empty vessel; fill it with your grace.”

John Hunt, a missionary to the Fiji Islands, a prayer upon his dying bed: “Lord, save Fiji, save Fiji, save these people, O Lord; have mercy upon Fiji; save Fiji!”

21. This is what he did; Jesus never sinned yet he made him “sin offering”  for you

This was the only way you can become righteous and come before God the father.

Ver. 21. Through suffering and death Christ, (Innocent / spotless Lamb)

  • We understand / sin penetrated every part of our nature  and condemned us
  • Sin itself has been defeated, His righteousness may be credited to us.
  • He has become sin by the attribution of our sins to him,
  • By attribution of His righteousness to us we have become righteousness of God

Now we have New Beginning  

  • Legal and unquestionable right to access God in His kingdom,
  • Adoption into the family of the Son of God Himself!

Only the guiltless, (Blame free) could bear the sins of the world otherwise he himself would need saving.

Christian reconciliation how does it work?  I’m in trouble and alone!

  • Atonement, (Paid price to redeem)/Grace undeserved, / Eternal once and for all

All prepared through the blood of the Lamb!

  • Repentance,(Sorry) / Faith, (Jesus is enough) / Life (Comes through God)

All needed strength is given us to live victoriously by the energy of that blood.

New Year’s resolution A son called his parents to wish them a happy new year and when his Dad answered the phone, He asked his dad,” well Dad, what’s your new year’s resolution?

His dad replied, To make “To make your mother as happy as I can all year,” When his mom got on the phone he asked her the same question. His mom replied my resolution is “To see that your dad keeps his New Year’s resolution.”

Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes once said, “God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I’m so far behind I’ll never die.”

Chapter 6

Vs 1 In partnership with God we urge you following You have received grace (Gift you do not deserve and could never earn it for yourself) Don’t ignore it, Belittle it, refuse it

A man must make a holy use of that grace (That which you don’t deserve)

  • by anointing with the Holy Spirit,
    • justified, (Not sinner any longer)
    • sanctified  (Separated for Holy service)
    • turned to God: (Ignore worldly and look to Godly design)
    • If  reject God s work in us
      • we submit ourselves to this world / flesh and lusts,
      • Become secure in our own sins,
      • Perverted in our own pride and self-righteousness,
      • We waist the opportunity to become born into the kingdom of God

Make good use of the time you have been given, for our lives  are very short.

Whoever rejects God’s grace, in order to secure some worldly advantage, draws down upon himself the judgments of God.

Vs 2 Remember this saying At this prearranged time I listened to you And on that day of the salvation I helped you Understand this  This “acceptable / prearranged time” is right now Right now is the “Day of the salvation”

Ver. 2. There is no better time like right now for plucking souls from Satan’s grasp.

  • Sometimes God calls us repeatedly giving us chance after chance.
  • Great blessing if we decide to invest with him during this life time.

If we continue to reject Messiah / anointed savior

  • Our hearts are hardened against God.
  • Darkness will come upon us, and our perverted hearts will lead us to ruin.

Devil wants to see Christians weak and dispirited.

  • We make no advances, we are reserved and worried
  • When we are cold-hearted, / Don’t care about sinners
  • When we are indifferent, laid back / don’t see urgency.

Remember you are an Ambassador / The only Jesus they may come across


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