Martin Luther King Jr on Ignorance

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin luther king Jr


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One Response to Martin Luther King Jr on Ignorance

  1. Tildeb: You realize that his quotation is about the need for intelligence, right? Your title is misleading.

    Defend the Word: Have you read the quote properly? You are confirming what I always say about the people who are willfully blind & will miss the obvious regardless of how hard one tries to show them the main points.

    Tildeb: Because “sincerity and conscientiousness in themselves are not enough, (h)istory has proven that these noble virtues may degenerate into tragic vices.” King explains that what allows this to happen is a lack of intelligence (not ignorance as your title misleadingly proclaims), that, “devoid of intelligence, goodness and conscientiousness will become brutal forces leading to shameful crucifixions.” p43, Section III, Strength to Love original manuscript

    Defend the Word: I have met many people of low intelligence who have been very keen to learn and have always been willing to be instructed. I think this is good warning one that we should all adhere to and yes we need to be more critical of our churches we are in agreement there. However I have witnessed many people who have been “Educated beyond their own intelligence” people who will lack understanding but may possess the details what they do with it is the scary thing too. So moderate ability and at the same time where there is a desire to be seen by others as intelligent person can be just as detrimental to the humanity.

    Tildeb: From the same page, King talks about the role of the Church in maintaining ignorance and stupidity in the name of sincerity, goodness, and conscientiousness. This is the part you need to really pay attention to… because like the church he criticizes, you too are guilty of disregarding knowledge claims and explanations adduced from reality in the name of piousness (that looks identical to ignorance and stupidity) and “overlook this moral demand for enlightenment” that King insists only comes from intelligence.

    Defend the Word: I don’t know how you came to your conclusion, but I would suggest you need to practice some more on you logic arithmetic before you make obvious logical fallacy, because things just don’t add up here. I am the one bringing the subject to the table not you, yet you feel that I have somehow missed the major truth claim it contains?

    Please check and you will see that in the past there have been comments and articles on this blog advocating exactly the same principles.
    Are you saying things just for the sake of being visible or do you have anything new to contribute? I note your bitterness and I fear that you are driven by it, I feel you will be consumed by it and become afraid to leave it as it gives you comfort to know that where you are (At your elevated position) most people will fear to go, you may find that people agree with you more out of fear rather than reason. You see yourself as better, more educated, possessing higher intelligence yet you commit most basic errors just like all of us. Little bit of humility and genuine inquiry would go long way in finding your inner moral compass, (Not twisting the truth) gaining greater understanding and formulating better answer / rebuttal.

    I know you are most likely looking for a provocation and that is OK! You know I am not going to run away and I will engage you. Each step of the way and through this present time this search is precious and you hopefully will see that for yourself that the beauty of the honest search for truth is great and that it can be found regardless of our ability. God does not create big puzzles and then cruelly hide the instructions. He has constantly revealed a great deal of himself & this is why ignorance is far worse than lack of intelligence.

    Finally not to brag about it I did score highly on my IQ tests and equally I know plenty of highly educated people and people who are high achievers who are followers of Jesus so I am just as puzzled now as I was before as to why you desire to equate lack of inelegance and faith in God.
    The only reason I may think of is that someone may be a bully and feels that people will avoid the confrontation. Please if you are going to enter into a debate (And you are welcomed to it) be measured and precise in stating why you are challenging anything.

    Kind regards

    Defend the Word

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