On Love and Indifference

What drives the world of self-obsession is the engine of self-serving for this world of need and injustice should not be powered by indifference, but love. Only God can be the source of pure love. Only God can start the change of our minds and hearts and cause us to move to action.

Love always means action for love does not stand idle whilst loved ones are in need. Our biggest need is the need of God.  His revelation of his plan for humanity demonstrate both his action and his love. This is why love’s greatest enemy is indifference. The only other thing that comes even closer to indifference is fear combined with resentment and they both rest in self-interests. Let love rule. It may seem that this is the more costly of the two options but the rewards are exceedingly more satisfying.

Don’t just act only when you react, but let your life always be proactive, filled with search, testing, learning, and above all, loving.


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