Maturing with God

As I am getting older I have come to realise that maturity does not come with advancing age nor does it come with our increasing experience, though both can be beneficial.  Today I have to be careful not to become a grumpy old man with all the baggage that we carry as we get hurt along the way on this journey we call life.  I need to learn to grow into a person who is able to pass the knowledge on to the next generation, knowledge that was passed on to me first.

True maturity for me comes from my walking with God, him teaching me through every mistake that I make, looking through his word and learning to imitate the example of my Lord. I need to allow the work of the Holy Spirit in me.  I need to learn not to shut God out, but let him not only teach me, but also transform me.

Like a tree planted in good soil, my roots are in Christ, my branches reaching to the sky where I get my food from, knowing that I get watered and fed from above and now I need to learn to provide occasional  shelter  for the weary travellers that God may send my way.


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