Time alone with God

I believe that one reason Jesus looked for solitude is to find a place not only to reflect on what that day had brought him but to spend time with his father. It’s about the relationship.

 Fathers enjoy observing their children but most of all they love when their children share their thoughts and ideas with them. It is that kind of relationship that can help a child grow in his understanding of God and the world around them. God never intended for us to stay ignorant like children all our lives. Even though God commands us to stay pure and soft-hearted like children.

 If I need to understand what happened today, why God allowed certain things to enter into my life, and if I am just rushing through life, should I not stop and reflect on how I can process and learn from my past experiences?

 This is what we call our walk with God. I cannot claim that he is part of my life if I don’t spend any time with him. If I only see him as some kind of cosmic vending machine that gives me sweeties every time I punch in a number and put some money in it.   I need to understand that God is not created for my benefit, but that I am created to give glory to my God for all the blessings I enjoy because of him. How can I have peace, know love, understand grace, appreciate mercy if I just continue to run and never stop and talk to God?

 A good relationship can only exist when love is at the centre of it.  If I am obsessed with benefiting from someone without caring for them I would suggest that this is exploitation.  This, however, will not bring me joy but shame.

 For an honest exchange of ideas and open heart-to-heart discussions to take place, we must give each other time. Time is that most precious of resources we all have at our disposal.  There are times when we may feel driven to act right now and make the best use of our time.  However, sometimes it is simply the time to wait and enjoy each other’s company which, too, is an activity worth pursuing.

 Here is a question that I have to ask myself daily, if I value my relationship with God, how much of my time do I give him?



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