The following is what we stand for. I find this useful as it avoids any confusion when people question what you stand for and believe. This will all be defended on this site and will always be Bible based and therefore non-negotiable.

  1. There is only one God and you are not him.
  2. God is one in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, all equally God.
  3. Jesus is God’s only son.
  4. He was born of the virgin Mary.
  5. Jesus died for our sins.
  6. We are all sinners and in dire need of salvation.
  7. God’s law was given to us as a mirror, convicting us of our sinful nature. Anyone who says he is without sin makes God out to be liar (which he is not).
  8. Salvation is through faith alone (faith in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, accepting that he took our place on the cross so that we don’t have to). No action on our part can make any difference to either ours or anybody else’s salvation.
  9. Bible is the trustworthy word of God, given to us because God loves us and wants us to know that He is here, and that He cares for us.
  10. God has sent his Holy Spirit to us and only he can bring a person to Christ. The Holy Spirit is also essential when studying his word in order to help us understand it.
  11. The Bible explains itself. There can be no disagreements within the word of God.
  12. We believe in believers’ baptism as Jesus commanded us (ie full immersion following the example of Jesus himself)
  13. All spiritual gifts are for today. However, none are for our own glory, therefore anyone who attracts undeserved attention due to a “Spiritual Gift” will be viewed with suspicion.
  14. Evangelism is an essential part of our everyday walk with God. Therefore, doing this only means that we are following the heart of Christ whose last commandment to us was to go to the ends of the world proclaiming the good news. Any abuse would not be tolerated and everything is subject to testing through the word of God. Both Gifts of the Spirit and Fruits of the Spirit are always examined.
  15. The Bible is the standard to which everything else is subject and with which everything has to agree where specific instructions have been left to us. No discussions such as “how many angels can stand on top of a needle” will be viewed as important.
  16. All should be done through the Love of God with the Spirit of Christ and based upon the Word of God. We are commanded to love, to serve and to share the good news. We don’t save anyone; only God can do that.
  17. Different evangelism methodologies are presented in many churches today and should be replaced by the instructions from the Word of God. No compromise is acceptable as Jesus didn’t call us to compromise but to call others to salvation (the call is from Jesus; no imitation is accepted. As they say, no true friend would let their friend go to Hell if they really cared for them).
  18. There is a literal Hell in the same way that there is a literal Heaven.
  19. The bodily resurrection of the dead is a Biblical doctrine. As the apostle Paul says, ”if there is no resurrection then our preaching has been in vain and we are sad individuals believing in fairytales.”
  20. God desires all to be saved.
  21. The Church is the people and not the building.


5 Responses to Faith/Statement

  1. Rob Lester says:

    Very nice blog. I will have to remember to check back in.

  2. Gert says:

    My name is Gert van Niekerk, I’m in the planning phase of starting my own Christian paper.
    I believe like you do and feel like you feel.
    Currently I am in the printing of newspaper business.
    I’m a born again Christian that see the need for quality Christian reading material in the community.
    What I want to know if I can use some of your articles unchanged with acknowledgement to you as the owner.
    It will be a free paper who might be in the future be supported by advertisements, carefully selected, meaning that it must not be against the Word or God’s will.

  3. Hi Gert

    Yes any work can be copied that is by Defend the Word that would not be a problem, however note that some of the work listed here is simply quotation work from other well-known Christians. You need to make sure that appropriate reference is attributed to their work. You will be able to work that out clearly. As any work that is not by me should clearly states who is the author and should link to the appropriate Blog page. None of this work on this blog has ever received any financial support and neither will receive any in the future. All the work in maintaining and expanding this blog is out of love for Gods people and Gods love for those who are yet to find God.
    Any comments following main articles are completely free and can be copied and can be used in any printing or blogging material. And that includes both positive and negative comments. I have no problem in people disagreeing with me. However I would like them to use their God given ability to discern right from wrong, when presented with full facts. And I hope that they would analyse what was said with open mind and not pre judging any comments. I would also urge people not to patronise the opposition, this suggestion goes for both sides of this often polarised argumentation.

    I would be interested in hearing from you especially if there are other people who would like to contribute or comment on the blog. I hope to eventually document most of these frank exchanges in the book, (God willing) and if I could find the publisher Hope to see it in print one day.

    Please note that some of the work would require some proofreading, as I do struggle with spelling and my grammar can sometime be in some need of refinement. Most of all if it is for Gods glory then I can only rejoice that there are likeminded people who are willing to serve God whatever the price.

    Your brother in Christ Jesus

    Defend the Word

  4. olasehinde abiodun says:

    thanks very much for d light you have throw in to my ife and God will not leav this ministry. Lord shal contineu to bless you.

  5. Thank you for your encouraging words may God bless you and grant you his joy and love filled life as you continue to grow in your knowledge of him.

    God bless

    Defend the Word

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